Mar 6, 2009



Milk - 1 gallon
Sugar-1.5 cups
Elaichi powder-2tsp
Lemon juice-2tsp

Method of preparation

1)Take 1/2gallon of milk in a pan and bring it to boil.Add the lemon juice to it and stir it till it curdles.
2)Dump it in to a cheese cloth and keep it under running water.Squeeze it and make paneer from it.
3)Take another thick bottomed pan add the remaining 1/2gallon milk and boil it until it becomes half by stirring continuously.It takes approximately 3 hours.
4)Add the paneer to the thickened milk and stir it continuosly.Add sugar and ghee to it and start stirring again till the mixture becomes thick.
5)Grease the plate with ghee and drop the above mixture in to it.Let it cool and cut it in to small pieces.
6)You can add chopped nuts to it(I didnt).
->The whole process is time consuming but worth doing it.