Jan 4, 2009

Bottlegourd curry cooked with milk/sorakaya paluposina kura


Sorakaya/bottlegourd - 1(medium)
onion chopped-1 small
green chillies chopped-2
turmeric-a pinch
jeera-1 tsp
milk-1/2 cup
curry leaves-2 springs
salt-to taste
red chilli powder-1 tsp
oil-2 tsp

Method of preparation

1)Peel sorakaya and cut it into small pieces.
2)Heat oil in a pan and add jeera,onions,green chillies,turmeric,curry leaves.
3)After the onions turn golden brown add sorakaya pieces and cook for 10 minutes.
4)Add salt,chilli powder to it.Finally add the milk and cook for a 2 more minutes.
5)Serve with hot rice.